Saved Cup

New GAK Cup written by Gokusan, 10 years, 6 months ago

As the GAK-cup admin is offline, I decided (together with Loekino :PPp:PppPpp) to save the honor and make another cup for these who really wanted to play! 3on3 CUP #1

Date: Monday 08/11 18:00 CET
Format: 3on3


- Every player has to record demos; if you can't give your demos when asked for, your clan will be disqualified.
- Side allowed.
- One player from each team has to idle in during the cup.
- Specs are only allowed if both teams agree.
- If you don't check in, you wont participate in this cup.
- If a team fails to show up 5 minutes before their next game, they will be disqualified.
- SLAC is forced, your team will be disqualified if you don't play with SLAC.
- Linux users are allowed to compete, but they have to prove that they are using Linux (/cheaters & screenshot).
- MAC users are not allowed to compete.
- Banned players (CB/ESL) are not allowed to compete.
- Config; CB 2on2/3on3 OC FALL.


1st Round - ET_BEACH
2nd Round - ET_ICE (8 teams)
3rd Round - ADLERNEST (16 teams)
4th Round - FROSTBITE (32 teams)
5th round - SUPPLY (64 teams)

In case of a double fullhold, the winner of the cointoss will go to the next round.

For the final, both teams pick one map from the mappool.
Incase a third map has to be played, the winner of the cointoss will eliminate the first map.



Starts around 19.15-19.30